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To a large extent the quality of the art you provide us
will determine the out come of the final project.
These instructions will help ensure you get the product you
want and will keep art charges to a minimum.
We can accept ART the following ways:
  • 3 ½” floppy disks (PC format)
  • Zip disks 100 MG (PC format)
  • CD-Rom (PC format)
  • Black & White (ready art)
  • Email - sterico@stericosigns.com (PC format)
Technical Details
  • Make sure your graphic proportions are correct to the desired final size, and contain proper resolution (raster files) when it is enlarged.
  • Include all fonts used with the artwork.
In order for us to use a graphic file it must be saved in one of the following formats:
(The files shown are in order of preference)
Vinyl & Fabrication
Vector Files

Digital Output
Raster Files

EPS Files
Specify Vector Files
Compressed Files


Providing Artwork To Scan:

Maximum artwork size we can utilize is 8" x 13"

  • Image size should be as large as possible within the 8" x 13" parameters
  • The larger your original piece, the better reproduction will look.
  • We can scan photos, transparencies, negatives and full color, high resolution prints
  • Use the maximum DPI (Dots Per Inch) possible for your print-out
  • Black & white, use AT LEAST 600 dpi
  • Color artwork, use AT LEAST 1200 dpi (Fiery or high resolution laser is fine)

Inkjet prints and offset printed material such as brochures or screen-printed products will not reproduce well.
Plotter-cut shapes (other than circles & rectangles) from scanned photos or artwork do not cut cleanly.

General Information
The images can be enlarged without losing quality.

Adobe Illustrator, CorelDraw and other programs
Convert ALL text to outlines, curves or paths. Refer to your software documentation to determine the conversion process for your software. Once the conversion has occurred save your art as an Adobe Illustrator .eps file.

Note: Embedded artwork, not created with the programs listed above, and not converted to outline, curves or paths may not be recognized by our sign software and can impact the final product you are requesting.

When submitting a raster file, the optimal resolution is 300 dpi for A 1 to 1 output ratio. Lower resolutions will result in a decrease in image quality and/or An increase in labor. The higher the resolution the better the quality your large format product will appear.

The following information MUST be provided with the disk(s):

  • Client /Logo name/ Your company name
  • Contact person / Phone number
  • File format (example: .CDR Corel Draw)
  • Include a complete list of the files on your disk(s) and our preferred file.
  • Indicate if you used a compression utility – WINZIP
  • Include a printed copy of your artwork with color separations with PMS colors or CMYK % colors indicated
  • Artwork related technical questions and information should be directed to our Production Department at 301-948-8088.
  • Non-artwork related questions regarding your order should be directed to your sales associate at 301-948-8088.

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